Robots enliven seminar for startups on yacht


A yacht seminar aimed at fostering Chinese youth who start their own firms is held on Sunday in Guangzhou as reported.
The events have drawn attention from media, government officials, academics and corporate executives eager to spark entrepreneurship.

The startup seminar is an intensive one-day event aimed at letting young entrepreneurs share their own stories, business models and blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs and attracting angel investment.

Wang Ruixu, CEO of "part-time cat" is a young startup, who was born after 1990. He wants to build China’s first online platform for college student to find reliable part-time jobs. His goal is to make his company go public.
Born in 1980s and 1990s, young entrepreneurs who want to survive and succeed in a rapidly changing business environment, are willing to participate in a digital-era startup seminar of this kind.

The seminar is jointly organized by Guangdong provincial science and technology department and internet-related department from July 20- 24, this year.
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