ZW3D Chosen by Newamstar to Stand Firm in International Packaging Industry

2016/7/26    source: CIMdata

ZW3D today announced that it was chosen by Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Newamstar), an expert in China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery industry.
Newamstar is the only enterprise that has mastered the medium-temperature canning and aseptic cold filling technologies in China, trusted by such international beverage brands as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Danone, C’estbon & Aoke from over 70 countries and regions including Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, America and Africa.

The Need

Newamstar understood the significant role of CAD/CAM in the packaging machinery industry. To win competitive edge and enlarge international influence, they needed reliable, intelligent and easy-to-use 3D software with comprehensive and customized support.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, Newamstar finally decided to purchase over 100 sets of ZW3D with regular updates, in a bid to design packaging machines and blow molding machines for the production of liquid bottles and mechanical parts.

Empowered by the unique OverdriveTM kernel, ZW3D delivers Newamstar an integrated CAD/CAM solution based on the solid-surface hybrid modeling technologies, allowing them to design packages with high-quality surface and creative style.

“ZW3D’s design functionalities are on a par with mainstream 3D CAD software. More than that, its intelligent & user-friendly workflow greatly helps improve modeling efficiency,” commented Li Gong, CAD Engineer from Newamstar.

Plus, with built-in Show-n-Tell system in ZW3D, the learning-curve has been greatly shortened. Utilizing the embedded file translator, Newamstar can leverage their existing 2D data and adopt ZW3D with minimum investment of time.

The customized and timely technical support is another key reason for Newamstar to choose ZW3D. After the order was confirmed, ZW3D sent an on-site training team specially for Newamstar, assisting their engineers from various departments to quickly master ZW3D.
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