Team e-works is founded by Professor Peigen Li, who is the fellow of Chinese Engineering Academy, and also the president of HUST (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Top 5 Chinese university.), he is one of the most famous specialists in IT application of manufacturing area in China. Dr. Pei Huang, the CEO and editor-in-chief of e-works, is a famous writer, analyst and critic in IT application of Chinese manufacturing. He has 18 years experience of IT consulting and implement, software development, sales and marketing.

Besides, there are over 70 employees of e-works, including specialized editors, journalists, consultants and marketing advisers working at Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai offices. e-works team has very deep understanding with IT application of manufacturing, especially PLM, ERP and IT management, because the founders of e-works has over 10 years of experience in IT consulting and implement, software development, sales and marketing.
  • Tel : 0086-27-87592219
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Add: 3B1 International Business Center, No. 18 Jinronggang Road (No.4), East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, PRC. 430223
  • ICP Business License: EB2-20080078
  • Copyright ? e-works All Rights Reserved
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