Company profile e-works is an online media, vertical portal, service and research organization focusing on IT application of Chinese Manufacturing. e-works portal ( in Chinese and in English) is the most popular and authoritative portal of Chinese manufacturing IT application area.

Started up at 2002, e-works is providing knowledge, information and consulting service for Chinese manufacturing enterprises and IT vendors. With deep understanding of IT and manufacturing industries, abundant resources of CIO, IT managers, R&D managers, and operation managers of over 20,000 mainstream manufacturing enterprises, e-works got sustainable progress and was profitable for the last 14 years. e-works is operating at Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai and Nanning offices. e-works team has very deep understanding with IT application of manufacturing, especially in the area of PLM, ERP and IT management.

There is a huge knowledge base of manufacturing IT application technologies, such as CAD, CAE, CAM, PLM, ERP, CRM, MES, SCM, BPM, EAM, IT infrastructure, advanced manufacturing technology on e-works portal. There are over 200,000 reports, articles, cases, white papers, product showcases and solution introductions on e-works. e-works forms a popular online communication platform of IT application area based on Web 2.0, including BLOG, BBS, Wiki and online club. There are over 20,000 bloggers on e-works. There are several original columns on e-works, such as VIP interview, Special Report, e-works View and Deep Analysis. e-works has become the best community for CIO and IT managers to learn the relevant knowledge and share their experience of IT application.

By the end of January 2015, e-works has over 690,000 members around China and abroad. e-works has more than 1,000 contributing authors and correspondents, more than 800 experts. The page view of e-works is more than 200,000 per day. On the search engine such as Google and BAIDU, e-works ranks No.1 with the keywords “manufacturing” and “Manufacturing IT” in Chinese language. Over 600 international and local mainstream IT vendors are the advertisers and partners of e-works, such as IBM, HP, SAP, Oracle, PTC, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, DS SolidWorks, Siemens PLM, Infor, QAD, IFS, EXACT, Epicor, Yonyou, Kingdee, DCMS, Siemens, Ansys, MSC.Software, Delcam, GE/FANUC, Tibco, EMC, etc. e-works is the best bridge of IT vendors and manufacturing enterprises. is the only English portal of IT application of Chinese manufacturing, introducing the status of Chinese manufacturing and IT application to the world, concentrating the best content of e-works.
  • Tel : 0086-27-87592219
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Add: 3B1 International Business Center, No. 18 Jinronggang Road (No.4), East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, PRC. 430223
  • ICP Business License: EB2-20080078
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